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Simply stated, sex crimes are some of the most serious crimes a defendant can face. Even worse, we sometimes see people try and deal with the situation or case themselves by trying to cooperate with the police or by trying to explain themselves to investigators.They mistakenly believe they may be able to avoid arrest or that the investigator or police officer will understand and “go easy” on them.

These charges often come with public attention and news coverage.Going on a date does not give either person the right to force or expect sex from the other and certainly does not give anyone the right to rape anyone, regardless of the level of intoxication or drug use of either person. Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual contact or sexual attention committed by force, threats, bribes, manipulation, pressure, tricks, or violence. It doesn’t matter whether you are dating, in a relationship, have said ‘yes’ before or earlier in the activity, if you then say ‘no’ and you are forced into sexual contact against your will, it is a sexual assault. Rape or sexual violence is never your fault, even if you are intoxicated. Alcohol is the most readily available date rape drug.

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